the Curious Penguin investigates Yarn

Today the Curious Penguin, feeling decidedly hungry after eating only dog food and Mrs. Marlow’s goldfish, investigated the Suspicious Looking Basket in the living-room.

It looked like a fisherman’s basket, but it only had soft knotty stuff that tasted dry. IMG_6266


the Curious Penguin discovers Books

I love books. I love warm colors. I’ve got a few art projects in the long-term works, but my penguin pet is just too much fun not to take a break for sometimes!

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In Which She Ventures Into Watercolors

What does an artist do when she discovers that she has a hand-me-down box of watercolor paints?

She tries them out.

I’d never used them before. I have always used watercolor pencils– I like those because with them I can be detailed, and I love details. But I never could get the smooth texture I wanted….and I found them in these paints. IMG_8097-001There’s a first time for everything. Continue reading “In Which She Ventures Into Watercolors”

Captain Mole, sir

“Harrum,” said Captain Mole to himself as he pulled his mushroom-boat to the stream’s edge. It was such a sunshiny, bright day, and the water was so clear and bubbly. Master Robin Redcoat was composing an opera in the branches of his maple tree, and the lazy crickets hummed a chorus as they warmed up their wing-violins. The bulrushes nodded in the breeze, and the soft cottony clouds drifted as though they had all the time in the world to get where they were going.

It was a day meant for boating. And Captain Eusebius Mole, being the sensible fellow that he was, took his leaf-oar and started out. IMG