Snowbeauty and Christmastide music


“The joy of the Christmas season is the joy of triumph, the joy that the king has come, and He reigns. It is “joy to the world,” because “the Savior reigns.” Hence the summons, “Dance, thou universe,” or, as Isaac Watts said, “heaven and nature sing.” Again, in Watts’s words,

Let joy around like rivers flow;
Flow on, and still increase;
Spread o’er the glad earth
At Immanuel’s birth —
For heaven and earth are at peace.”

-R.J. Rushdoony

One of my favorite “Christmas” songs aesthetically is O Come O Come Emmanuel, haunting and soaring and majestic. I recorded it and now it’s released on Soundcloud.

O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free
Thine own from Satan’s tyranny
From depths of Hell Thy people save
And give them victory o’er the grave
Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel
Shall come to thee, O Israel.

Merry Christmas, My friends.


I’m doing dishes, and that’s okay.

I celebrated Thanksgiving today with a few families, and after dinner I was cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes.

Most of the guests had left. The hostess was sitting in the living room having a serious conversation with a young woman, and for a moment the thought went through my mind “why isn’t she helping?”

Then I realized…. 
God has called her to teach and mentor others.

God has called me to work in the background.

Doing dishes and washing tables is my kingdom work. Right now. It is good and necessary work that enables those who are called to teach and lead to do so.

My job is just as important as hers.

It’s just different. 

(I copied the design off Pinterest) 

My Friend, I See You. (#5)

My friend, I see you.
It’s Father’s day. So many people are posting happy things on Facebook… photos of them and their fathers, laughing, smiling, making beautiful memories. You know you ought to be happy for them, but all you can feel is the ache inside…. for you never had that with your father.

My sister, I see you.
You feel like your whole life is ruined because you never had a godly example of manhood from your father growing up. You have a twisted view of men that frustrates you. You worry that you’ll never be able to get married because you’re so damaged.

My friend, I see you.
Father’s day hurts now, because it reminds you of your loss. Others will see and celebrate their fathers today. You won’t see yours again…. perhaps ever. It is a day of mourning for you.
My brother, I see you.
You’re afraid to get married for fear that you’ll act like him. Your father. The man who hurt you and your mother. The man you saw abusing those he was supposed to cherish and love. The fear paralyzes you and makes you cry yourself to sleep some nights. You want a real family, but you can’t imagine ever doing something like that to anyone…. maybe it’s safer to live isolated.

My friend, I see you.
Your father wasn’t around. He wasn’t a “bad father”. He didn’t hurt you. He just…. forgot. He was just busy. He’d tell you that he’d take you out for your birthday, and you eagerly anticipated it, but the day came and went and he didn’t remember.
You feel like you don’t really have a right to be hurt, because he provided for you and loved you in his own way, but the neglect hurts and you can’t get rid of it.

My sister, I see you.
You’re scared of men now; sure that, deep down, they’re all like your dad. He seemed so nice to outsiders. He knew all the right words to say. He was even nice to you sometimes… but the nice times were the most horrifying, because you knew that they were leading up to something terrible…..

My friend, I see you.
The Lord sees your pain and does not condemn you.
The Lord knows your brokenhearted grief.
The Lord can restore a balanced view of manhood and leadership, even though your experiences have been so evil.
You are not doomed to repeat the sins of your father. Actively identify and replace the thought patterns that would render you like Him, and seek counsel. There is victory and hope in Christ.
Our heavenly Father does not forget nor neglect His children. Being hurt is okay. Run to Him.
Take your fears and insecurities and broken trust to Christ, and believe in His effective work in those around you. You can trust again, based on His promises.

” Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.” -Psalm 68:5

My Friend, I See You. #4

My friend, I see you.

You’re hurting. Friend after friend is announcing relationship or engagement, and even while you rejoice with them, you feel even more keenly your own aloneness.

My sister, I see you.
You’re afraid. You’ve been betrayed and abandoned so many times that you aren’t even sure you want a relationship any more.

My brother, I see you.
You’ve tried to get married. So many times. You’ve tried and tried and tried, and you’re so so tired of rejection and things “not working out” that you feel about ready to give up.

My sister, I see you.
You fear that being in the work force by necessity will be a turnoff to the kind of guy you want, and that you’ll never be a stay-at-home wife and mother like you dream.

My friend, I see you.
Christ knows your desire for marriage, and it is good. Trust in Him to give you what you need.
Christ never changes, and never leaves. He can provide a man who will strive to be like Him and not abandon you after the novelty wears off.
Please don’t give up. Walk in obedience to Christ, applying His law-word to every area of life, and seek a spouse who is working for the Kingdom too.
Trust that God has you where He wants you right now, and that your circumstances won’t scare away the person that He has for you to marry.

He is too wise to err, too loving to be unkind.