“I don’t know enough to write”

NotebooksThat was something that stopped me from blogging in the first place. I could post pictures of my work— but write? I don’t have anything to write about! I don’t know enough about any given topic to suppose that I can teach people!

So I didn’t write.

What was my problem? First, the issue of pride— I was once again assuming that something isn’t worth doing until I can do it perfectly. (I wrote an article about that).

Second, it’s not true that I don’t know anything about enough subjects to write– I know more than someone who’s just starting out in those areas, and I can write to the person who is one step behind me. If I’ve been doing something for a day, I’ll still know enough to help along the person who started 24 hours later. See how that works?

Lastly– I should write because that’s how you learn. You can’t master something you don’t practice. And you can’t practice something if you aren’t willing to be bad at it for a while in order to learn how to be good at it.

Figure out what’s stopping you from writing. It’s probably not as logical as it seems at first. And then go write.

Set aside 10 minutes a day to write. Figure out what environment you thrive in. Maybe you write best when you open Word on your laptop and just type stream of consciousness (don’t stop to check your grammar or the sentence structure!). Maybe you need to step away from digital devices entirely, go sit on your bed, and write on a notebook with a nice sharp pencil (it’s amazing how inspiring a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil is. Really.)

Need some motivation? This video from Sean McCabe was very helpful in giving me perspective.

So go write something. Put it out there. Don’t pay any mind to what other people think. There are those who wish they had the guts to do what you’re doing. Show them how.