Pruning and propagating basil

basil pinI have a little window-garden indoors. I love greenery, so this allows me to have plants growing and being pretty even in the winter! I love growing my own herbs for food and family use.

I started out with a couple pots of basil. Recently I pruned them and put the cuttings in water to grow roots so I can plant them in a third pot later. I found some helpful tutorials online, so I took the information I learned from those and took a pair of shears to my little herbs. 

The idea is to make a cut right above where you see two little buds appearing over a set of leaves. These are going to grow into two new stalks of basil from the parent stalk. IMG_9633

Then you take the part you cut off, take off a few of the leaves, and submerge the stalk in a cup of water for a few weeks to sprout roots before planting in your soil medium. You might lose a few, but they’re pretty hardy. Make sure you replenish the water regularly so that the stems are always submerged. IMG_9625

The nice thing about basil is, the more you prune it, the more it’ll grow! That’s what I hear, anyway. I’ll find out pretty soon if it’s true. IMG_9627