A Saturday Scribble: the Bridge Bunch

Doodled with colored pencil

I had the honor of meeting Pastor Bob Beeman in Nashville a few weeks ago. He’s an incredible man who has multiple ministries to the homeless and other inner-city people through Sanctuary International. He runs a ministry under the Jefferson Street bridge in Nashville with a group of Christians called The Bridge Bunch. They provide nurturing through food and providing other things to the homeless (like Mylar bags to keep them from freezing in the bitter cold at night).

He’s not just talking about loving his neighbors– he’s getting out and doing it. When I got to spend a few hours with him and some other young people, just sitting and talking over coffee, we talked about how some people are given only one talent, and others are given five– but the one with the one who diligently invests it and serves God to the best of his ability is more effective and more blessed than the one with five talents who does nothing to apply his knowledge and resources to help those around him.

Even if you can’t ‘get out there’ on the streets like Pastor Bob and the Bridge Bunch, you can give effectively to their efforts. Donate to the Mylar bag fund, and friend Pastor Bob on Facebook to be alerted to the ongoing needs of his ministry. $2 can buy a mylar bag and save the life of a homeless person. $10 can save five lives.

So there we go. I didn’t mean this to turn into a charity-request, but it did and I don’t mind that. Pastor Bob is a wonderful man who loves others in a way I’ve never seen before. I support his ministry, and I hope you will, too.

{click here for a note from Pastor Bob and a link to donate via PayPal}