Custom illustrated portraits

Personalized illustrations. I love it. It’s relational and artistic at the same time.

After doing a few of these for friends, I decided to give you the oOctober 5 '15bpportunity to have one of your own! (Read: They’re for sale!)

These portraits are meticulously researched and executed. Not only is care taken to reflect the subject’s physical appearance, but I also study and choose colors and styles to reflect his or her personality. The girl on the right is a gentle, yet dynamic person with a strong, caring heart. The couple in the portrait below are newlyweds, very much in love and expecting their firstborn child.


I’m working on a portrait right now of a couple who have been married 20 years. He’s a strong, gentle man, and she’s a bubbling, enthusiastic lady. The process– and I intend to post about it– starts out by analyzing their personalities and determining how best to communicate that on paper. After trial and error, experimentation and a lot of pencil-and-eraser work (did you know you can erase colored pencil to some degree?), I decided on quiet, gentle tones in his t-shirt and overshirt, and a fun, colorful jacket and polka-dotted blouse for her. And then I had to figure out how to combine the two in a pleasing arrangement! The whole process is a lot of fun, and enjoying one’s work is key to making sure it holds quality.

So. Want your turn? Email me {here} and we’ll start talking about what you’re looking for. We’ll have conversations about your subject’s personality and what the portrait should communicate. I’ll give you updates on the progress and you’ll see a whole new piece of art unfold, brimming with personality and color.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! custom portraits.jpg