In Which She Ventures Into Watercolors

What does an artist do when she discovers that she has a hand-me-down box of watercolor paints?

She tries them out.

I’d never used them before. I have always used watercolor pencils– I like those because with them I can be detailed, and I love details. But I never could get the smooth texture I wanted….and I found them in these paints. IMG_8097-001There’s a first time for everything.


I think I’m gonna like these. IMG_8107-001

Here’s the first things I learned about using watercolor paints:

  • I have no clue if I’m using them right, but I like them anyway
  • You can mix the colors to get the hues and shades you want. You can’t exactly get the same effect with pencils.
  • paper towels are wonderful (1. To sop up excess color/moisture from your paper, 2 to wipe your paintbrush, and 3. to clean off the table when you make a mess)
  • Beatrix Potter is amazing
  • Sunshine is the stuff of life.

As I said, I think I’m going to like these.