Is your workspace ruining your productivity?

img_7617It probably depends on your personality to some degree, but I know that when I have a tidy, organized room and a clean, beautifully decorated workspace, I function.

I didn’t say I function better. I mean I function, period. When my studio is disorganized and the house around me is untidy, my brain shuts down.

I don’t think that this is a problem unique to me. To some degree or another, everyone is affected by their environment. What you are surrounded with will influence you: how you feel, how you think, your productivity, and your decision making.

A good workspace is inviting. It beckons you, “come! Sit in my chair and glean from the beauty I have to furnish you. Set your imagination free and create something beautiful.”

A clean workspace is invigorating. Instead of burdening your mind with clutter and chaos, it gives you a peaceful place to reflect and think.

This is my work-area, when I’m not sitting outside with my guitar or spreading my books and papers out on my flower-and-pinstriped bedspread (I didn’t take a Before picture. I didn’t think to, and nobody needs to see that). IMG_7617

But while it is true that we creative people tend to be messy and disorganized, we have to exercise self discipline. If we don’t, we won’t be as effective as we have the potential to be. Sean McCabe makes some good passing comments about the importance of a functional, inviting workspace in his podcast titled Introversion & Making a Point to Build Relationships.  (Go to 17:35 to listen to the specific section of the episode that deals with workspace).

If you’re looking for inspiration and practical organization tips, of course Pinterest has a mother lode of desk organization ideas. Click here.

(who doesn’t love Breezy’s studio?)

Her style is so fresh and clean, too. Find people on Pinterest who share your style and glean inspiration from their boards!

If you’ll take a few hours to turn your workspace into an efficient haven filled with things you love, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend time there. That’s labor well spent, if you ask me.