An Introduction

Welcome to Hearthside Studio!

I am a budding artist with a passion for creation, home, and art. I’m learning to use my talent to create something beautiful.

I believe in beauty. I love relationships and home-life, especially rural domesticity. I am working towards becoming an illustrator of books– children’s books, mostly. I love scenes depicting family unity, adventure, and the wonder of creation. I love seeing scenes coming to life under my brush, full of color and warmth and excitement. I want to make people’s homes beautiful with these things– by selling my art as cards, prints, and someday book illustrations.

With this website/blog, I hope to do several things. I will share my thoughts on learning to be a creator; what I learn as I delve into the world of using watercolor pencils and eventually other medium; the mistakes I make and how I should have avoided them; samples from my sketchbook; and maybe I’ll share sometimes my adventures in the more domestic realm of cooking (I cook gluten, dairy, and often sugar free).

I’m learning to live intentionally. I’m learning to take every second and use it to learn and grow and improve myself.

You can read more about me on my about page. I’m excited about today’s adventure– are you? IMG-004


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